Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer running

Miles: 3.2
Pace: 10:55

The weather has been warm and dry for a while now, and I'm enjoying it so much! It was perfect beach weather this weekend. I even went boogie-boarding in the ocean for the first time. I had been sitting on the beach under an umbrella reading Christopher McDougall's Born to Run (more about how much I like the book in another post), and the umbrella kept blowing away. I got so frustrated with it that I took it down, and I didn't want to sit and bake in the sun, so I figured that my other option was to get wet. I waded out into the numbing water while my favorite support staff took to the waves with a boogie board. After a while, he asked if I wanted to try, so I did, and I had a great time. I liked being out farther in the water and rolling over the waves, and then being swept along toward the shore with them when they were just right. I'll have to work on my skills for next time, but I definitely enjoyed myself and I am happy that I tried something new.
I went for a run on Friday evening after getting to the shore house and ran a route I had run two years ago, which was about 3.2 miles. I pressed the wrong button on the stopwatch, so I don't have a time for that, but it was a great run because of all of the people I got to see. I seemed to have been out at the universal dog-walking time, so everyone was out and about with their puppies, big and small. One dog was huge and white, and I'm not entirely sure that it wasn't a polar bear. I came back from the run to a full house: more people had arrived for the 4th of July festivities, bringing the total to about 15, and I was introduced to some whom I had never met before. Unfortunately, they will always remember me as the girl who apologized for being sweaty and gross.
On Saturday, the support staff and I went for a bike ride, which was approximately 3.5 miles, although I can hardly consider that a workout. The bike trail I usually ride on is flat, but it seems hardcore in comparison to the level roads by the beach.
We had to come home yesterday - much to my disappointment - although I stocked up on fudge and clam chowder to ease the pain of parting, and I'm enjoying summer at home now, too. Tonight I went for a run on the road before it got too dark, and I found it very peaceful and relaxing. I took a route I've never taken before, and it had a great view over the valley and to the ridge beyond. The route took me by an old dairy farm which still has some cows, horses, and chickens, and the scenery was just perfect. I was a little afraid that I wasn't visible enough to cars, since the road curved in several places and did not have a shoulder, but I made it through safely and feeling very well. Some of he hills were tough, but I feel that they gave enough of a challenge to make it a very good run. I didn't know how far I was running, and it turns out that it was 3.2 miles. I guess that distance is getting to be my standard easy run now. I think that I am becoming acclimated to the weather, and I look forward to doing a lot of summer running this season.

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