Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February stats

Happy March!

I tallied up my miles for February, and here's what it comes to:

Running: 42.5
Cycling 25.5

I will continue to gradually increase my mileage as per my "let's-run-a-half-marathon-without-getting-injured training plan", and I'm happy with how it's coming along. I think that I'll avoid burnout and injury and still be ready to do the distance.

This past Sunday I had an 8-mile long run, which I did on the road, since the trail is snow-covered. The 7-miler the week before caused a few twinges and annoyances, so I was a little worried, but no need - it was one of those runs where everything goes right and you feel amazing. I started smiling at mile 2 and didn't stop.

This week is a mileage cut-back. I'm scheduled for 2 miles today, but I think that I'm going to adjust that and do some cycling on the bike trainer, walking on the trail, and stretching instead.

Here's to another great month of training!

Ever on.

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