Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Trail Series Race Goals

Ok, so I lied. This is not a post about race goals. I don't think that I have any expectations going into tomorrow's race. I just want to get out and run some trails with a lot of other people.

It will be my second time running the Winter Trail Series 5k. The first time was last January, and looking back over my recap, it's strange to see how new trail running was for me then. (That is, technical trail running - not the flat, easy rail-trails.) Since then, I've run in another race and trained several times on technical trails in three different parks, and I actually feel just as comfortable lacing up my shoes for a trail run as I do for a run on the road.

The race is put on by the NJ Trail Series, which seems to be gaining a lot of popularity and has begun putting on a lot of events in northern New Jersey that range from 5ks to ultras. I love that they're providing the opportunity to race different distances throughout the winter.

The temperature at the start should be about 32*, and I'm trying to decide what to wear. I've been running almost all of my runs lately in an Under Armour ColdGear Mock shirt that is probably the most amazing article of clothing I've ever worn. I don't know if it will be too warm, though, and I might just go with a technical tee under a cotton long-sleeve. In any case, I've been feeling really good lately, so I expect to go out and have a good race!

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