Thursday, October 8, 2009

More rest

After my shin pain returned last week, the physical therapist wanted me to bring my mileage down to 2 miles at a time instead of 3. On Tuesday morning, I went out and did 2, with a little pain in the beginning that went away after I warmed up. Then yesterday, I ran up the stairs in my house and felt the shin throb a bit. After that, I noticed it here and there if I stood a certain way. When I went to physical therapy a little while later, the therapist wasn't too happy to hear about it. And when she heard that I had never gotten an x-ray, she decided that I should stop all running and physical therapy for now and get a bone scan to check for a stress fracture, as the doctor suggested I should if the pain continued/worsened.

I can bike, as long as it's on flat ground, so I can keep fit, but I have to say that I'm pretty frustrated. I haven't been running regularly since August. It's October now! I thought that even if it were a stress fracture, it would have healed by now, but I guess that the 10K, the runs here and there throughout, and the physical therapy have probably prevented it from healing, whether it's a stress fracture or shin splints. At least I can still ride my bike.

Speaking of my bike, I had wanted to participate in a fundraising ride for a local EMS this Saturday, but I found out that someone I don't want seeing me in Spandex might be there. He called the reference desk and asked for information about it, and when I realized it was the ride I wanted to do, I had to refrain from letting out a great, cringing "Noooooooooo!" (see below) in the middle of the quiet library. Anyway, there might be hills on the course, so I'm definitely going to skip it. Maybe I'll go out for my own ride on the trail instead.

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