Monday, February 15, 2010

Punxsutawney Phil may have been wrong

It's official - I got the confirmation for 2 reserved hotel rooms for the night before the half-marathon. Yay! I could have just woken up early and driven down the day of, but if I want my family and support staff to come and cheer me on, I might as well make it comfortable and easy for all of us. I'd better get training now!

Actually, I've been doing well with my training. I did a 6-mile run on the road last Sunday, which was really one of the most awesome runs I've had in a log time. I felt strong, my breathing was great, it was a nice day, and I think I was experiencing runner's high. I was smiling for the last 3 miles as if I had just won a gold medal or something, when I had really just picked up my pace and felt good.

On Tuesday I had an easy 2.5 miles to do, and since it was snowing, I stayed inside on the treadmill. That wasn't the most fun, but I made up for it on Thursday with another 2.5-mile run -- this one on the streets and sidewalks in the town where I work. It was a lot of fun not only to run a different route, but to see those roads, which I travel every day, from such a different perspective. I then went home and used the bike trainer and did an ab workout (which I am committed to doing at least once a week until the race. Repeat: I will be working the abs at least once a week from now on.)

This afternoon I have a 7-miler on the road. I'd like to do some more runs on the trail, but I'd be slopping through mud puddles now with all of the snow melting. The temperatures have been pretty high this past week, and I almost think that the groundhog may have been wrong with his prediction of a normal-length winter.

Of course, if we are in for another cold snap, I wouldn't mind it too much. I bought ice-skates last week and haven't been able to try them out, and my first attempt at skiing yesterday was on a pretty small patch of snow in the yard. At least there are ice rinks and ski slopes that will be maintained for a while longer, no matter how warm it gets.

Ever on.

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