Monday, November 15, 2010

Not exactly the fast track

So I'm not exactly on the fast track to my first marathon or a new race PR. Since my last post (in which I decided to build a base by working my way up to and then maintaining 20 miles per week), I set up and have been following a schedule combining running with arm/leg strength training, core workouts, and cycling. To fit everything in to a week with enough rest in between workouts, I started out at only 10 miles of running. It's a good start, but it will definitely take a bit of time to progress to where I would like to be with my running.

The first week of the schedule was successful, and I finished all of the workouts as planned. The second week was also successful, and I think that I can already sense a change in my fitness. Although one of my workouts was cut short, resulting in another 10-mile-week, I still got in almost all of the workouts as planned, and during my long run of 6 miles on Saturday, I felt stronger than I usually do. At mile 4, where I would usually be slow and shuffle-ly, I was holding pretty good form and a steady pace. Then I kept that pace up through miles 5 and 6, with a nice push for the last 100 m, which I was able to sustain right through to the end. It was a great, confidence-building run that makes me feel like I'm taking the right approach to fitness and running.

Yesterday was a rest day after the 6-miler, but the weather was too perfect for me not to be outside, and I decided to take the Trek out for a little spin on the trail. There have been some long gaps in between rides in the past few months, so I didn't think much of needing to fill the tires with air before every ride. This time I just needed to fill the back tire. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough. By the time I had ridden a mile, the tire was almost completely flat, so I turned around and walked it back to the car. I had stashed the air pump in the trunk, but I think it's too far gone and will need some professional maintenance. Of the two tires on the bike, the back tire was the newer one, so I'm a little bummed that I'll probably have to replace it again. Luckily I can still train on my indoor bike-trainer until the Trek is back in commission.

I don't know if I'll be in shape to run a fast 5k by Thanksgiving or the beginning of December, but I'm pleased with how my schedule is going after 2 weeks, so I'll stick with it.

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