Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Savor the Rest

Operation Pudge Removal is in full swing here! It wasn't necessarily a New Year's resolution that instigated it - more the realization that my jeans didn't fit anymore and that there was pudge present where it hadn't been before - but I began this diet and exercise quest on January 2nd and am now on the 7th day. I rested during the week, but I also brought on the challenge and really pushed myself, doing double workouts on several days, so today I am truly resting. No cycling, no running, no Jillian Michaels workouts. If anything, just walking and light yoga or stretching.

And it feels so good. I have lost a bit of water weight (which may just be a cycle thing and not really related to the exercise, although that can't hurt), and I feel so much lighter and better, and it feels so good to savor the resting.  I'd say that I had a successful first week of Operation Pudge Removal (Operation PR), so let's see what the next few weeks bring. My goal is to drop the excess pudge, gain foundational strength, improve my endurance, and increase flexibility. Who knows, there may be a new race PR for me come spring!

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