Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Today is the day when I usually would make a resolution or set goals for the new year. Instead of setting goals, though, this year I'm approaching it as planning new things that I'd enjoy doing. So this post is the conclusion to my 2010 List O' Fun.

10 Fun Things To Do in 2010:

#1: Run a half-marathon
#2: Run on single-track bike trails
#3: Do some speedwork
#4: Run in the mountains
#5: Volunteer at a race
#6: Experiment with cute hairstyles at races
#7: Explore places in town that I haven't been before by running
#8: Try out the Try-It-On Triathlon
#9: Run in the 5K hosted by my high school
#10: Maybe...just a marathon

Volunteer at a race:
I'd like to see a race from the other side and give back, in a way. I started considering this when I couldn't run, but it would be just as meaningful and important when I can run.

Experiment with cute hairstyles at races:
I've never focused much on how I look during races, but reading the Chic Runner's blog has made me want to try out some cute hairstyles like bows and pigtails. It would be fun, and maybe the race pictures would actually be postable. (Notice how I never post race pictures?)

Explore places in town that I haven't been before by running:
There are some roads in my town that I haven't been down in so many years that I can't remember where they go. What better way to find out than to run there?

Try out the Tri-It-On Triathlon:
I almost entered myself as a contestant in CNN's FitNation Triathlon Challenge, but decided to try something less expensive and intense first. There's a local triathlon held every September that has canoeing instead of swimming, and the biking section is for mountain bikes. I've been thinking about doing it for a few years, and I think that 2010 will be it.

Run in the 5K hosted by my high school:
In 2008, my high school started hosting an annual 5K. I didn't participate that year because I hadn't been in training and didn't want to embarrass myself with bad results. (It's kind of pathetic, but true.) Then this year it fell during the time when I couldn't run, and I'd like to make up for it in 2010. This is, in a way, a time goal, because going back to the track that I had so many hopes for in high school, I really want to place in my age group in this race. To do that, I'd definitely have to run sub-25 minutes - maybe even faster. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what September brings. I hope to be able to be that fast, but if I'm not, maybe I'll grow as a runner if I have the guts to sign up for the race knowing that I won't be able to place.

Maybe...just a marathon:
All right, this is a big maybe. It depends on how I feel and what my priorities are. After the half-marathon, I might decide that I'm not ready for the big one yet, or I might send in my registration the next day. It's out there, though.

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chris mcpeake said...

Sounds like a fun year coming up.
Good luck in 2010