Thursday, December 31, 2009

A last look back

In 2009, I only logged 350 miles run, but it was still a big year for me as a runner. Here are the highlights:

Jan/Feb: I managed to get out and run after work a few days a week. Decided to break a PR in the spring and knew that I needed to stay fit.

March: I began a 5K training plan and increased mileage dramatically. Have miserable fond memories from the beginning of the month of frozen eyelashes and running without being about to feel my toes.

April: Bought a Trek mountain bike and couldn't wait to cross-train. April 11: Run to Read. April 25: Main St. 5K. Two races that I hoped and expected to PR in that I didn't. Reached a plateau and was pretty frustrated.

May: Ran farther than 5.5 miles for the first time in my life. Became very motivated to increase my mileage.

June: Continued increasing mileage. June 20: O'burg 5K. Tied the PR exactly.

July: Continued increasing mileage. July 25: Branchville 5K. Broke PR by 9 seconds!

August: Continued increasing mileage. August 6: Christmas in August 5K: Broke new PR by 1:12! Continued increasing mileage until shins started hurting even when I was not running. Stopped running altogether.

September: Total rest, except a few miles the week of Sept. 12. Sept 12: Skylander 10K Challenge My first 10K!

October: Total rest, physical therapy, and the continuation of shin pain. Suffered from acute running withdrawal.

November: Bone scan revealed no stress fracture. Rested and began to slowly ease back into running.

December: Took it very easy and kept to a very conservative mileage increase. Brainstormed fun events and ways to train for next year.

So there it is. I still can't believe that I only ran 350 miles. I guess that I'll just have to stay injury-free next year and see what the mileage comes out to then. Can't wait to see what 2010 will bring!

Happy new year, and best of luck to anyone setting running goals for themselves!

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