Friday, April 2, 2010

One month away

I keep ticking off the weeks on my training schedule and I'm into the home stretch now - only a month away from my first half-marathon. I haven't been as consistent lately as I had hoped, but I think that I'm still prepared. This weekend I have 9.5 miles scheduled, and the following two long runs after that are 10 milers. Then there's a rest week, and then the race.

Now that it's coming up, I'm getting excited. I'm getting pickier about how I spend my rest days so that I'm prepared for my long runs, and I've begun looking at the clock at the beginning and end of runs to gauge a reasonable pace expectation for the race.

Today was a rest day with perfect weather, so the support staff and I went for a bike ride on the trail. We had lunch in the park, and instead of going home afterwards, we went exploring, looking for an old railroad station. It was a perfect spring day, and I'm excited to continue my training with equally beautiful weather this spring.

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