Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You never can tell

Wow. Just 1 week ago I would have never thought that I might not be able to finish the half marathon. You never can tell what's going to happen, though. I had been trying to come up with goals for this race, and now I know that I just want to cross the finish line with a smile, no matter what the clock says.

Luckily, whatever is wrong isn't that major. My hip hurts, and that will heal. I'm a little confused as to what is making it hurt, though, since it didn't happen until after my major training was over. It started with a fast 2-miler last Wednesday morning. (I didn't realize it was as fast as it was until I came home and looked at the clock. I wasn't intentionally pushing the pace.) That night, my hip hurt. I put some ice on it, and by Thursday afternoon, it was gone. Friday I did another 2-miler, slower, with no pain, and then I ran 5 easy miles on Sunday. It was the 5 miles that really did it. I had warmed up and stretched thoroughly, but stopped and stretched my IT band at mile 1.5 because my hip/upper thigh felt tight. I stopped and walked a few times, too. By the end of the run, though, it hurt to walk. The pain traveled down my thigh, into my knee, and then down my lower leg. I'm sure that whatever it is will heal with rest. I can't believe how frustrating it is to have this happen so close to the race, though.

On Monday night and all day Tuesday, I went to the library conference held in the same location as the race. I walked through the exhibit hall and talked to book vendors, thinking to myself, "In a few days, the vendors here will be selling me GU and sneakers instead of audio books and book-display shelving." I had intended to run on the boardwalk where the start/finish line will be, but I didn't, figuring that total rest is the best thing for me until Sunday. It was comforting to be there, feeling familiar with the place, already having memories of it and knowing that I'll be making more.

The race is only 4 days away, with a weather forecast of sunny with a high of 81*. Both my dad and my dedicated support staff will be coming to cheer me on. I'm really excited about it, to the point that I'm dreaming about it. Let's hope that my hip feels better in time!

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Racy Runner said...

You can do this--try not to let your injury psych you out---you are prepared and ready. I am rooting for you.