Friday, May 22, 2009

Long(er than usual) run

Miles: 5.78
Pace: 10:14
I decided it was time for a long run yesterday and headed out to the trail to do what I thought was 6 miles. I had run this stretch of the trail once before, and it was the farthest I had ever run. It was about 80 degrees, so I brought a water bottle and took it very easy. At mile 1, my time was 10:13, which shows that I really stayed on pace throughout the whole run. At the half-way (or what I thought was the half-way) point, I crossed the road there and went a little further. Just off of the trail there's a man-made waterfall and a steep little hill right by the water. I ran up this hill, which led me back down to the trail, where I turned around. I thought that the little extra would ensure that I did the entire 6 miles, and I really needed an elevation change to wake up the leg muscles that hadn't been used during the repetitive flat running on the trail. It felt so good to climb up and then head back down. My legs felt much fresher than they would have been for the way back.
I felt pretty good throughout the last half of the run, although I found out that I need to do some strength work on my arms - my left arm got tired just from holding the water bottle! In any case, I kept the pace, and the whole run took 59:24.
I was a little disappointed to find out that it wasn't a full 6 miles after all. When I logged onto the Gmaps Pedometer later, it came out to be 5.78 miles. Because of that little extra I ran by the waterfall, it was still the farthest I have ever run, so I'm pleased with that. And next week I'll do a full 6. :-)

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