Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beat the Librarian!

I can only say that this is awesome. I love the suit/shorts/Vibram Five-Fingers combination!

So I was goofing off during my break at work this morning looking up funny librarian t-shirts (With sayings like "Don't make me shush you", "Forget the books - check out your librarian, etc") when I found this "Run to your library" shirt:

I showed it to two of my co-workers, and they immediately said that it would be great for the running/walkathon fundraiser that they had been discussing. A run put on by my library as a fundraiser? Awesome! It turns out that, as the mediator between the Friends of the Library and the Library itself, I would be in charge of such an event, so I immediately set to work seeing if other libraries have held 5Ks, and I came up with the Collingswood Public Library's "Beat the Director" run coming up in September. Totally awesome. I see a "Beat the Librarian" run in my future (probably 2 years in the future, when our highly-anticipated new building should actually be in the process of becoming a reality).

So far this week my running consisted of an easy 5 miles on Sunday and an even easier 2.5 on Monday. I won't be doing any running today, because I've planned to run a "Christmas in August" 5K tomorrow. It should be fun!

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