Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Half-Marathon Training, Day 1: Success!

Someone at work today commented that I really had a spring in my step today - no wonder, considering I went for a great run this morning that kicked off my half-marathon training!

The race is actually 24 weeks away, but I haven't run on a regular basis for three months, so I need a lot of time to safely build my base back up. I began today by walking a mile down the trail and then jogging a blissful mile back. It seems like nothing, but I know that starting off slowly is important, and I enjoyed it, short as it was.

I can't wait until Saturday for my next run! For now, I plan on doing all of my runs on the flat dirt trail, which is only open during daylight hours, so my runs will only be on Tuesday mornings, when I work a late shift, and on Saturdays. In December, when I will need to increase the weekly mileage a bit, I may also add a mile on the treadmill on Thursdays. Whatever I do, I'm going to enjoy myself.

I wanted an image to convey my excitement, and I found this picture at the right with a Google image search for "happy running girl". Would you believe that this "Random Running Happy Hobbit Girl" from http://www.elfwood.com popped up in the results?! I love how she even plants her foot toes-first like I do. I guess it's a sign as I begin another Eowyn Challenge for myself.

Ever on!

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