Monday, November 30, 2009

Nice weekend

I didn't run a turkey trot this year, but I also didn't stuff myself to discomfort on Thanksgiving, and I got out quite a bit over the next few days for a nice weekend. I was scheduled for 2 miles on Saturday, but I was free on Friday and decided to split the miles between Friday and Saturday. So, on both days I walked a mile on the trail and ran the mile back. I can tell that I really lost most of my fitness. I was pink in the face and breathing hard after only a mile. It still felt good, though.

I wanted to run again on Sunday, especially because I saw the movie Saint Ralph, but in the interest of sticking to my slow mileage increase, I went biking instead. It was a really beautiful day, and I think I saw more people running on the trail during my bike ride than I had for the past month. I was in a great mood and felt very optimistic about running. I am really looking forward to the upcoming months as I build up a base again.

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